Home Politike Washington Post risjell sot sharjet e ulta të Edi Ramës kundër Presidentit Trump!

Washington Post risjell sot sharjet e ulta të Edi Ramës kundër Presidentit Trump!

nga Albina Hoxhaj

Nga Petrit Vasili

Me poshte keni artikullin e sotem te Gazetes se mirenjohur Amerikane Washington Post, qe rikujton sharjet dhe ofendimet e ulta te Edi Rames kunder Presidentit Trump.

Keto sharje te Edi Rames jane sharjet e nje njeriu te kapur,te ç’ekulibruar menderisht dhe me karakter te dobet.

Sot per shkak te karakterit te dobet Edi Rama ben sikur ka harruar,sikur s’ka ndodhur asgje dhe ben gjithshka per te dale qofte edhe nje sekonde nje foto me Presidentin Trump.

Cfare njeri i dobet!

Megjithate per ta pasur ju te nderuar miq memorjen e fresket ndiqni edhe VIDEON se si shante Edi Rama Presidentin Trump ne Televizionin Amerikan CNN

Amy King/The Washington Post; AP; iStock)

By Adam Taylor

December 7, 2019 at 6:00 AM EST

International insults have become de rigueur diplomacy during the Trump era. But it isn’t just the barbs that the U.S. president throws out that are worth noting — but also the ones he attracts.

From the very first days of the announcement of his presidential run, when few expected him to be elected, Trump has been a magnet for criticism from foreign officials. Since he won the election in November 2016, the pace has slowed down — or at least, his critics are more discreet in their degradation. But while Trump may have a reputation as a Teflon man, there are signs that the criticism sticks to him.

During the impeachment hearings, the president’s allies have pointed to criticism of Trump by Ukrainian officials as evidence that that nation conspired against him. “Ukraine hated me,” Trump told Fox News last month. The U.S. president cut short a trip to London this week after he caught wind of a video that appeared to show a group of world leaders from U.S. allied countries mocking him.

Below, in rough alphabetical order, are a number of unflattering things that foreign leaders and officials have said about Trump, an update of a previously published article. It is far from exhaustive; please email with any remarks you believe to be missing.

“[The anti-Islam rhetoric of] Donald Trump and others in Europe are really the shame of our civilization.” AlbanianPrime Minister Edi Rama in April 2016.

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